About Us

Embrace, Empower and Educate the values of Islam

Islamic Community Center of Mid-Westchester (ICCMW) was first established in February 2012 to meet the needs of our growing community. ICCMW was incorporated as non-profit in State of NY on 03/25/2012.

ICCMW purchased the property at 2 Grandview Blvd, Yonkers, NY in 2014. It is in a beautiful location just minutes away from major highways. ICCMW serves Muslim communities of SW Yonkers, Hartsdale, Scarsdale, and Eastchester. We are currently having Jummah prayers in the neighboring Church hall across the street from our property. Alhamdullilah we continue to see an increase in our congregation.

We are currently working with the city to obtain all the legal requirements to convert 2 Grandview blvd into a Masjid/Community Center for Muslims in the area. ICCMW is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax Id is 46-0649530

Board of Trustees

  • Omar Ockeh (Chairman)
  • Zuber Nakadar (Vice Chairman)
  • Ali Nawazuddin (Secretary)
  • Syed Kamal (Treasurer)
  • Arshad Shariff
  • Mohammed Sohail
  • Fauzul Kabeer
  • Ali El Ousrouti


5 Times Daily Prayer

Jummah Salah

Monthly Dars

Youth Program

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